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8882 Special Regenerating Care Cream

Regenerating, moisturizing, anti-aging and restorative, this complete care cream with Chelonin

enriched with omega 3, 6 and 9 brings softness and ultra-comfort to the skin.

Synergy collagen-specific polyunsaturated fatty acids participates in the prevention of

premature skin aging.


With a melting texture, this nourishing, moisturizing and powerfully revitalizing cream is intended for

mainly for dry, sensitive, mature or blotchy skin.


It is also recommended for all weakened skins.

Prevents premature skin aging.


Very effective for the treatment of dry and rough skin areas.


Usage tips : This complete care cream can be applied all year round,

as a day cream for daily use.

Also apply in the evening if necessary to repair and rehydrate any skin weakened by the sun, cold, wind, and other factors.

If this cream is too rich for your skin, simply apply it to slightly moistened skin (spray).

Conditioning :40mL polyfoil tube

LCD code: 3401398084134

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In addition to the range: In case of overexposure to the sun, apply several coats ofPre- and post-sun hyper-slimming cream A+B to soothe the epidermis before rehydrating it with the special regenerating cream.

Crème 8882 régénératrice spéciale
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