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Sun protection products


The sun is more and more dangerous! Deficient ozone layer, geomagnetic layer

which would be increasingly thin… The number of cutaneous melanomas has tripled between

1980 and 2005… The dangerousness of solar radiation is omnipresent today,

both in the mountains and at the sea and even in the city for certain photosensitive subjects.

It is therefore imperative to use particularly effective sun protection products during

the whole year!


Constantly in search of innovation and at the cutting edge of technology, 8882 offers a complete technical range, ranging from very high protection to controlled tanning, suitable for everyone, depending on the skin, the intensity of the radiation, and the place of exhibition.

Our sunscreen cream formulations are rich, insulating, often hydrophobic, in order to  also protect the skin from bad weather (frost, snow, wind, sea packets, etc.).

They also protect against dehydration, a phenomenon encountered at altitude, due to atmospheric decompression, and a factor in premature skin ageing.

  • Very high protection covering cream SPF 50+: Facial sunscreen recommended for subjects who are hyper-reactive to the sun. Perfectly suited for skiing and water sports, it is also suitable for highly exposed professionals (sailors, MNS, workers on oil platforms, etc.).

    For subjects for who sun is prohibited, including in the city, this cream is also available in a tinted version .

  • Very high protection fluid cream SPF 50+: Facial sunscreen for all skin types, transparent and with a satin finish, non-sticky. It is particularly indicated in case of intense sunshine and for pigmentary problems or recent tattoos.

  • Special anti-infrared sunglasses: These technical sunglasses protect against ultraviolet, visible radiation, blue light but also infrared, which is essential for subjects suffering from a tear deficit or wearing contact lenses .

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