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Covering Cream 8882 Very High Protection SPF 50+

Without nanoparticles
Very broad spectrum filter system
Rich and creamy texture
High remanence - Water resistant

Very high sun protection recommended in case of:

  • Extremely sun-sensitive skin types,

  • People under photosensitizing treatment,

  • People presenting pigment problems,

  • Recent scars,

  • Very strong sunlight: high altitude, sea, tropics

  • Professional and athletes particularly exposed to the sun.

Waterproof, it prevents dehydration and protects the skin from bad weather.

Its particular adhesion ensures maximum protection over time.

Opaque on application (for perfect coverage visibility), it clears up after 30 minutes.

Directions for use: Apply  very high protection covering cream SPF 50+ on the face and neck  15 to 30 minutes before any sun exposure.

Reapply it every 2 hours or even every hour for people at risk.

Packaging: 40 mL polyfoil tube

ACL code: 3401398083304

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  • Do not expose babies and young children to the sun.

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially during the hottest hours.

  • In addition to sunscreen, protect yourself from the sun by wearing a T-shirt, hat, sunglasses.


In addition to the range: For subjects particularly reactive to the sun, apply our A + B extra-soothing cream before sunscreen.

Crème solaire visage 8882 très haute protection SPF 50+ sans nanoparticules pour conditions exceptionnelles d'ensoleillement: haute montagne, haute mer, tropqiues ou pour les sujets hyper-réactifs au soleil
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