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8882, sunscreens unlike any other!

"Years ago, back when I was still at my last laboratory, I was manufacturing sunscreens for wearing at sea and all was well. But then one day, in 1969, when I was gearing up for my first experience on powder, I decided to take advantage of my trip to present my products to the ski resorts’ pharmacies. It was such an almighty blow! Physicians and pharmacists alike told me about their problems with sun protection in the mountains: sunburn and allergies were rife. No product provided effective protection against sunshine at high altitude. Resort professionals had found a solution by applying an ointment made from fats and zinc oxide for protection, but it was thick and unsightly. An effective alternative had to be found not only for holidaymakers but also for our athletes who came to train. That’s when I decided to take up the challenge and 8882 was born." Micheline Bosserelle – Founder of 8882











What makes 8882 products technically advanced?

8882 was thus developed at the outset together with a scientist, a student of a leading physicist, whose work particularly studied the problems of polarisation of photonic and ultrasonic waves.

The first sun-exposure tests were performed at more than 3,000 metres above sea level, on the Aiguille du Midi, then checked again on the Pic du Midi for the purity of its air.

It was then possible to reproduce the data under laboratory conditions. 

Two blocking complexes were subsequently developed, one for use at medium altitudes and the other at very high altitudes. For in the mountains, radiation and its intensity vary depending on the altitude.

8882 products thus constituted the first range to offer very high sun protection in the mountains, owing to their technical characteristics.


This tremendously rewarding venture was shared with the pharmacists in our ski resorts, who have become friends through their willingness to share the developments in the results obtained with their friends and ski instructors.

8882 is also their achievement.

This inspiring accomplishment was also shared with the champion mountaineers who were scaling the highest Himalayan summits at the time – among them Wanda Rutkiewicz, Eric Escoffier, Martine Rolland, as well as Paul-Emile Victor for the Tropics.


Developments then came in the form of COLIPA and European standards but, based on our knowledge of solar radiation, 8882 was able to easily adapt to these new requirements whilst staying true to our research and aims.

8882 has continued to lead the way in terms of high-altitude sun protection – not least on the world’s highest peaks – ever since. Most recently, it was the choice for the Franco-Italian team’s expedition to Kanchenjunga, the Chinese Guo Jiaming team’s expedition to Everest’s North Col, Patagonia, as well as for the Sochi 2014, Rio 2016, PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2021 and Beijing 2022 Olympics.

The open sea is a vital consideration now too!

Some of the extreme conditions of the mountains can also be encountered out at sea, albeit to a lesser extent.


Thanks to its performances, 8882 has been designed not just for use during prolonged sun exposure, i.e. by outdoor professionals and athletes, but also for hypersensitive skin and sun-intolerant skin for medical reasons.


To maintain our performances, we pay particular attention to the choice of ingredients in our products:

  • We have eliminated any product suspected of being an endocrine disruptor,

  • Whenever possible, we replace a conventional ingredient with a more natural alternative (preservatives, fragrances, oils, emulsifiers, waterproof agents, etc.),

  • We are also mindful of the environment and marine health and use a maximum of biodegradable ingredients.

  • We do not use individual nanoparticles because of the overly high risk of them passing into the bloodstream.


We strive for the highest standards of quality, innovation and performance.

Of course, that all comes with a cost... But our health is priceless!


8882, the authentic brand!

Beware that there is a risk of confusion with a new brand, also comprising 4 figures. The presentation and sales pitches of the latter are similar to ours, which may lead to mix-ups for users.

But 8882 has been the authentic brand since 1969!

To avoid any misunderstandings, here is a mnemonic:


8+8+8+2 = 26,

In the Old Testament, God is evoked by four consonants                                              : a name that is unpronounceable because there are no vowels. Since consonants in Hebrew are also numbers, we get:

10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26 --> The Divine Number


For the layperson: According to one of the foremost French mathematicians of the 17th century, Pierre de Fermat (famous, in particular, for his discovery of differential calculus), 26 is the only number located between the square number 25 (5 x 5, i.e. a surface) and the cube number 27 (3 x 3 x 3, i.e. a volume).

Is the number 26 a magic key to a 4th dimension?


But 26 --> 2+6 = 8

And 8 is also a sacred number!

8, is the number associated with cosmic balance

8, is the number of cardinal and intermediate directions together

8, is the number of points on the compass rose                  

8, is often the number of spokes in a wheel, from the 8-armed sun cross to the wheel of the Buddhist law

8, is the number of lotus petals and right steps in the Noble Path, etc.


                                                                                   The infinity                 of the cosmos.

crème solaire alpinisme

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protection solaire alpinisme

Expédition chinoise au Col Nord de l’Everest (7020 m)

Expédition Franco-italienne au Kanchenjunga (8586 m)

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