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crème solaire peaux sensibles
protection solaire peaux sensibles
crème solaire peaux claires
crème solaire haute protection
crème solaire SPF 50+

Which sun protection to choose?


The sun, even if it has many beneficial effects, can represent a danger in the event of prolonged, repeated and poorly protected exposure.

It is therefore necessary to choose aprotection adapted to your skin type:

  • Phototype I : Red hair / Milky skin / Lots of freckles

     Sunburn before and after tanning without protection


  • Phototype II : Blonde hair / Fair, fragile skin / Numerous freckles

     Sunburn before and after tanning without protection


     Sunburn before tanning without protection


     Very light sunburn before tanning in the absence of protection



But also to the atmospheric conditions of the moment and to the place where you are.Indeed, the radiation received depends on:

  • of the altitude: The more the altitude increases, the more the solar radiation is rich in UVB (increase of 4% every 300m).

  • of the hour: Radiation is at its maximum between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

  • of the season: It is maximum in July in our hemisphere.

  • of the latitude: The Tropics are subject to the most intense sunshine since the path of direct radiation is the shortest there, therefore the thickness of the ozone layer to be crossed is less.

  • of the cloud coverpresent or not in the sky (remember that clouds filter infrared but not UV!),

  • of the type of soil (85% of the radiation arriving on the snow is reflected, against 17% on the sand, 5% for the water and 3% on the grass).

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