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Subjects fo who sun is prohibited


All people banned from sunbathing due to:

  • Pigmentation Problems,

  • Taking photosensitizing drugs,

  • Post-operative situation (plastic surgery),

  • recent scars,

  • recent tattoos,

  • Peeling,

  • Or others...

mustIt is essential to protect yourself from any exposure to the sun:  products ofvery high protection sunscreen, clothes etc...


OURvery high protection cream SPF 50+ can be used daily when any exposure

sunscreen is absolutely contraindicated. Its waterproof properties allow the cream to hold well

on the skin for optimal protection during the day whatever the conditions


Reapply as needed.

For female customers, ourDD cream SPF 50+ makes it possible to combine very high sun protection and make-up for the city.

This is a foundation which, like our classic SPF 50+ very high protection cream, is resistant to water, bad weather, perspiration and rubbing to ensure optimal protection.

Possibly renew the application if necessary.

crème solaire SPF50+
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