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More than 45 years of experience!


The laboratory of Micheline Bosserelle started by developing sun protection products for the beach. Then, in 1969, she decided to develop a new market: mountains pharmacies. She met with unexpected difficulties: French Alpine and Pyrenean ski resort pharmacists and doctors were faced at that time with many solar pathologies. Indeed, the unprepared, and often unprotected skin of occasional skiers used to the pale sun of the city, suddenly exposed to high altitude primary radiation, reacted to the aggression of this unforgiving sun by developing allergies and sunburns.

You must know that, at that time, the only efficient sun protection was a very thick makeup which looked like plaster. It was unsightly and therefore, its use was limited to experienced mountain dwellers.















The first experimental studies of 8882, have therefore been conducted at high altitudes (Mont Blanc – Pic du Midi), under intense polarized radiation, that is to say in the real conditions of use in order to ensure an effective protection to athletes.

8882 products have also been tested on summits over 8000 m (K2 – Ladak) thus guaranteeing optimal protection. By the way, 8882 refer to the altitude of Mount Everest at that time.

As you may have noticed, 8882 products are above all technical products whose main purpose is the protection of athletes particularly exposed to intense polarized radiation (glacier, sea, tropical climate…). They also protect from bad weather (frost, snow, wind…), resist to water and snow, and prevent dehydration in the more drastic conditions of use.

According to their qualities, 8882 products also suit well to sun-sensitive people and to everyone for whom sun is not recommended.

8882 products have thus become the reference in high protection for more than 45 years in French ski resorts pharmacies!

Chelonine and other notable components, properties

Chelonine: 100% vegetable composition

During a trip in Central America, Micheline Bosserelle, creator of 8882, noticed the exceptional skin of Caribbean women. She found that their secret of beauty was the marine turtle liver oil (caught at that time for their flesh) that they apply on their skin.

Wishing to benefit from the properties of this oil without for all that damaging the marine biological environment, Micheline Bosserelle came back to France with a sample of this precious oil. She analyzed and then reconstituted it using only vegetable triglycerides.

Called Chelonine (from Chelonia, in Latin: turtle), the substance obtained presents the same nourishing power for the skin and replace usefully the turtle liver oil since we improved its compatibility with the skin.

Chelonine is used in all our sun and care products, thus justifying the funny little turtle of our logo.

Chelonine is not the only added value of 8882 products. As a matter of fact, we take particular care in the selection of all the raw materials in terms of safety, purity and performance.

Thus, we decided not to use chemical solar filters like Octocrylene, 4-Methoxybenzylidene Camphor, or Ethylhexyl Salicylate. Actually, they should cause irritations or allergies even in small amounts on skins weakened by sun, cold, wind, salt…

We also refused to use nanoparticles in our products taking into account the risk of penetration into the blood circulation when a skin is eroded especially for people very exposed which could have scabs, cracks, sunburns… Therefore, we must choose carefully the physical solar filters used in 8882 products.


The interactions between these chemical and physical solar filters and Chelonine contribute to the sun protection in a complex synergy with cellular protection.

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